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Every Vehicle Recieves a Free Healthcheck

Oil for the Car

Oil Only Service £99*

Includes Renewal of Oil, Oil Filter & Sump Bung 

Car Repair

Minor Service £184*

Includes Renewal of Oil, Oil Filter, Sump Bung, Pollen Filter and Full Inspection. 

Fixing the Car

Major Service £340*

Includes Renewal of Oil, Oil Filter, Sump Bung, Air Filter, Spark plugs (petrol) Fuel Filter (diesel), Full Inspection & Strip and Clean of Front and Rear Brakes.

auto parts

All parts used are Genuine OEM

Car Disc Brake

Brake Fluid Change £65*

Brake fluid drained, flushed and system refilled whilst checked for any leaks.

* pricing applies to vehicles over 36 months of age with engine size 2.0l or under. Excludes sports and performance vehicles such as R & GTI models. The above prices are estimates only and we reserve the right to change these at any time.

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